Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Years Challenge!

SO the October Challenge went 90% alright lol... I did not lose the intended 5lbs but i lost 4lbs (not bad).

I am struggling with securing myself out of the 130s... (like not being 130lbs during the day). For the last few weeks ive been bouncing between 128 and 129lbs... its getting frustrating and it looks and feels worse when i plug it into my weight loss chart, but in the end i just tell myself that my road blocks havent been as bad as other peoples... and ive only really had one or two other "plataeus" like this one (this one just happens to be the longest.. heh).

I havent been eating well (some weeks i barely eat during the weekday... so i assume my metabolism has been shitty) and i keep missing 3 days of working out... (which isnt HORRIBLE but its starting to become a habit...)

I just need to get my ass into gear and stop missing those 3 days! (well i can miss up to 2 days but never 3... ) and get food in my house lol. I should be fine next week... hopefully next week ill be 127 or at least like 128.2 (last weigh in was 128.6 and this weeks weigh in - monday - will probably be 128.8 or something). Im still being hopeful.

BUT now on to the title of this blog entry... THE NEW YEARS CHALLENGE! Yes my ultimate goal weight is to be 118-120 with a 25% body fat ratio (the body fat one is most important tho, i mean if i achieve 25% body fat by like 125lbs, ill be happy - and as long as i feel i look good lol). SO... for the end of this year, by New Years Eve (when i wake up that day), i want to be between 125-120 :]

I would say 120lbs... but with my recent luck with losing weight, i dont want to se the bar too high... so im basically saying i want to lose 5 lbs by the end of the year (month and a half). Hopefully it works out well... OH but even tho i havent lost pounds, since i started my new workout (5-6 days a week of 45-50min interval cardio + 3 days of weights abs, upper body, lower body) ive lost more than a half an inch around my belly :] which is AWESOME. Last week i lost a quarter inch and thats the fastest its ever been i think.

But anyways... so thats the "New" goal :P.

Hopefully this will work out, Im having a little bit of a hard time with Robert... its nothing bad its just we planned to see each other this winter (within dec-jan) but i miscalculated things... and the tickets are too expensive and what not... so that means another 6 months apart but its ok, it just sucks heh. So losing weight helps keep me motivated, distracted, and it always makes me much happier when i see i lose weight :] even just a few ounces! yay the more i lose = the more confident i get around robert = RAWR (nudge nudge ;]). i mean come-on... im gonna entangle him deeper into our future with my "to-be" sexiness! (even tho that means absolutely nothing to him... haha <3 cus he loves me no matter what! - for gods sake... he loved me when i was 157lbs... that was... bad...haha <3)

HW: 157.0lbs
SW: 150.8lbs with 33% body fat
CW: 128.8lbs
UGW: 118-120 with 25-20% body fat combined with happiness :]
Body fat % as of early October: 29%

****Challenge: NEW YEARS CHALLENEGE!****
Lose 5lbs! and maybe an Inch ;]
(which would bring me to be 125-123lbs and hopefully 34in belly from 35.25in)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Battle of the Cardio-monster!

Today i am REALLY stressed and annoyed at the concept of cardio... well when i really sit down and think about it like i have before... i did have results when i only worked out for 30-60min (cardio) for 3-4 days. I remember that happening... but now its like people are telling me i shouldnt work out the way i do if i want to lose weight. What ive been planning was 5-6 days a week of 45-60 (usually 60) min of cardio (running/walking/elliptical) and i also do weight training now twice a week... (yess i still feel sore so i guses im doing something right).

Recently thought i have been feeling a bit more anxious about my weight loss because i feel like i havent lost weight this week... I say 'feel' because i dont have access to my scale (i dont agree with those scales at the gym or anything that isnt digital)... and this measuring tape i have at the house im in now, says i gained half an inch... so im pretty annoyed. AND NOW i want to go run after school but my trainer and everyone else in the world says i shold only do 4-5 days of cardio (and not even a hours worth either!)... so now im like.. what am i supposed to do? i love running!!! -_-

So i guess what im gonna do is... go home... and not do long-intense cardio... but those short 8 minute bursts of cardio on the 2 days i shouldnt be doing full on cardio...

SO for this week... by monday, i would have done... 5 days of intense-long cardio (45-60) - mon/wedns/fri/sat/sun paired with 2 days of strength training (wedns, sat). Even though my trainer wants me to do 5 days/30min or 4 days/45min... im gonna try my way first. That means im gonna have TWO days of rest... usually i only allowed myself 1 day of full rest. BUT like today... i was planning on doing my normal cardio but instead im gonna do short cardio bursts for 8 min (im gonna do abs/dips/lunges/just random shit to get heart rate up for short periods of time.)

Hopefully this works... and another annoying thing is that i admit that ive been eating ALOT of cheetoes... i think im going thru 3 full bags a month now because i LOVEEE my avocado and cucumber sandwich... but i need cheetoes with it lol... i mean i do "burn" off those calories... but i dunno im worried i gained weight this week because of it... So for mondays weight in... if i gain weight or dont see a change, im gonna have to stop eating cheetoes so often :/ which kinda ruins my sandwich... -_- what am i gonna eat now! oh well we'll see... considering i havent hit that many bumps along this weight loss journey, i dont feel too bad if this week is a fuck up again.

Wish me luck! gawdddd

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New October Challenge

So today i visited my schools health center to get my 2nd body composition analysis. The last time i took this test was about 6 months ago... and I did get good results. I lost uh... whatever you call those numbers... but i lost "stuff" on every bit of my body.

HOWEVER.... I did lose 8lbs of Lean weight while losing 10lbs of Fat weight...

It is great that i lost 10lbs of fat but i need to gain back some lean weight.

SO the october challange is going to change... It has to change since the challenge was to lose 5lbs before October 31 and im already 2lbs away from my first goal weight... so now heres the new challenge.

**Workout: Cardio 60 minutes 5-6days a week/Weight Training 20-30 mintues twice a week**
- I will also TRY to not weigh myself as often as I do since im planning on gaining a little bit of muscle weight... but I should lose weight weight as i do so...
-It will help break my mental wall that doing weights will make me gain weight (like instead of being 128 next week, i might be 130). But i did promise myself that once i get close to or at my first goal weight, that i would incorporate more weight training...
-So Id like to gain 5lbs of Lean Muscle, and lose 8lbs of Fat Weight to lead me to be 125lbs total (now this is my ultimate goal, to be between 120-125lbs).
-This will be very nice because even though i have lost 20lbs (since 150, not counting the 157) i do have that problem where i feel flabby and i do feel flabby.
-We're considering that in one month ive only done weight training like twice lol so im aiming to do it 8 times each month.

So this new challenge will be from October (starting today) to beginning of December. Thats about 2 months to hopefully be where i want to be or close to. If i continue to lose 1lb a week AND gain a little of weight... i should i have lost 6-7lbs by December.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

INSANE habits lol

when i think about the past... and my eating habits... i always told myself that if i started a diet, that i would aim to eat less than 2000cal and that was a good goal for me. THEN about when i started the summer diet this year, i told myself id reduce my caloric intake to 1500 (when i say my intake... i mean my intake minus the calories burned from exercise). NOW recently... ive been striving to eat close to 1000cal.

Im wondering if its unhealthy to have an overall intake of close to 1000cal (for example... i plan to only take in 1200cal BUT i will also burn off 300-480cals from exercise leaving a remaining intake of about 900-800cal). I do try to eat every 2-3 hours and ive never really been starving... and even if i feel hungry, it will only be for a short while. Its just that now im starting to really analyze what i put into my mouth. For example today, I had a moderate breakfast of one english muffin (130) with butter and a bit of jam. Then for lunch (bout 3 hours later) i had my cucumber and avocado sandwich on 2 wheat slices with about 2 cups of hot cheetoes (500). After class which was about 4 hours since lunch, i was starting to feel really hungry but its too early for dinner (i try to eat no earlier than 6pm) so i was thinking about getting some starbucks (also to stay awake...) BUT i was getting anxious about how many calories it would be.

SO... adding up from breakfast to now, ive eatin 300+500+260 = 1060cal - 440 (workout) = 620cal. Ive had an intake of 620calories so far today after taking out what i burned. I know some people who would say thats nothing... but my mind starts to consider whats for DINNER... which i think is worth about 400cals leaving me with a grand end of the day total of about 1020cals.

Sounds small? Yea... ive been eating like this for like 3 weeks and i think thats why i lost 3lbs last week. I dunno i think im getting really anal about this lol but hey... ill lose weight right?

Then i think... how and what do normal people eat to maintain their weight (with 2000cal/day)? I get a little anxious trying to think of all the foods i woudl have to eat to total 2000cals or close to it...not really a scared anxious but like just over analyzing. Because although i like my diet now and how sparce it is (yet varied... i try to eat lots of fruits, veg, meats, etc), im afraid that if i keep this up forever, ill just keep on losing weight (or at least go past my minimum desired weight).

i dunno, im an overanalysis person :]

ok im gonna finish my starbucks!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Waiting for food

Well first of all... this will be a quick blog. I apparently lost more than 3lbs this week which I find strange... so I didn't log what the scale said (129.2lbs) and instead I logged 129.8lbs. I told myself I am not going to freak out if I gain a pound for this weeks weigh in cus losing 3lbs has never happened (like 2.3lbs at the most). But I still am happy :] I guess I am finally in the 120's!! AMAZING... I never thought I'd get this far....

But ok heres lunch. I noticed that this week I did alot of the same thing... I literally ate to live. You know that saying... do you eat to live or live to eat? Well this week I ate to live... like right now. I look at what I grabbed for lunch and I just ate a Ritz Crackerfull (130cal), strawberry applesauce (80cal) and a few grapes with water... and now I play the waiting game... waiting to not feel hungry.

I think about my old eating habits when I was heavier (20+lbs heavier :O) and man... I would NEVEr do this, I mean waiting for my tummy to feeel full. Its crazy.

But anyways... Im gonna get me some Chipotle for dinner and tomorrows dinner lol (One bowl lasts me like 2 days) for my reward... and im going to rest my body and not work out today... then yea. Bye! Yay 129lbs!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

YAY! Size 6

No I'm not a size 6... but I was able to fit into a size 6 in Express jeans like... I could button them up lol but they were still really snug. So I bought them! and they are my goal size pants :3 (like I explained before). I'm sure some day I'll fit into some size 3/4 pants... but for now I want size 6 (keeping in mind that the biggest size pants I've worn has been a size 13/14. Crazy huh?)

SO I was uber happy to buy those pants from Express because not only were they a size that almost fit me but they were on sale! Usually their pants are like $59... and I got these for $16! WOO. It's a sign.

Anyways thats what happened so far today... hah. Awesomenessss

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bye Bye OCP (for now)

I've decided it was time to stop taking my OCP till about December... (yay for a 2 month break on the stuff). Since certain events occurred, there really is no point in taking them anymore till certain events happen (lol). The only thing is... I'm worried that I might lose a tiny bit of weight (even if its just 1 or 2 lbs) after I stop taking it. I do remember that unlike the other OCP I used to take (which put 5lbs on my body), this dosage didn't seem to have an effect on my weight... so hopefully I won't gain anything back when I decide to start taking them again. That would honestly be a boner killer if say I lost 9lbs since I stopped (which is how much I'm planning on losing)... and if I gained even just 1 or 2 lbs back. At least I would know why right? I guess I should just get used to it because I'm going to have to be on and off it for a while. And I also guess it wouldn't be so bad cus by that time I should be at the weight I want to be or at least very close to it so I shouldn't panic if I turn out to be 125lbs while back on the OCP.

Well hope this works out!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Challenge!

Its almost October 1st! And do you know what that means?


My first real challenge since losing weight :] (I'll post what I had on Myspace... as a update to myself/and whoever reads this...)

Whats the challenge? well... I bought this really cute "Sailor Cutie" Halloween costume (so not scary...) and I can zip it up... but I could afford to lose more weight to look even better in it. So I would like to reach my 1st original goal weight by October 31st which is 128lbs.

Now taking into account that my Monday weigh in earlier this week was 132.6lbs... and that today I was actually able to have the scale say 130.8lbs O_O so... the challenge isn't much of a challenge... but it still sounds fun to me :]

So! The challenge is for me to lose about 5lbs this month (assuming I am still 132lbs atm).

The next challenge that i want to do... involves this whole thing about buying the size jeans you wish to fit in. For me... I feel like the smallest pant size I want to be is a 5/6. Currently I fit into size 8 (Old Navy size... lol which is a little more forgiving. I can't really fit a size 7/8 in American Eagle but then again the last time I tried on their jeans was when I was like 134lbs). I don't really have a desire to be size 3/4... I dunno it seems too foreign to me. So! After this October Challenge, ill probably go out and buy a pair of 5/6 pants and start that challenge. Once I perfectly fit a size 5/6, I'll probably be done losing weight and would just work on toning and maintaining.

Anyways, that's my month plan. OH and I also have a monetary challenge, I'm going to count my calories and my dollars spent :] I'm hoping to restrict my dollar intake to $50 on random goods, and $100 on groceries/items I NEED. So hopefully that goes well... I need to relieve my credit cards of debt >_<.

YAY bye!