Tuesday, October 6, 2009

INSANE habits lol

when i think about the past... and my eating habits... i always told myself that if i started a diet, that i would aim to eat less than 2000cal and that was a good goal for me. THEN about when i started the summer diet this year, i told myself id reduce my caloric intake to 1500 (when i say my intake... i mean my intake minus the calories burned from exercise). NOW recently... ive been striving to eat close to 1000cal.

Im wondering if its unhealthy to have an overall intake of close to 1000cal (for example... i plan to only take in 1200cal BUT i will also burn off 300-480cals from exercise leaving a remaining intake of about 900-800cal). I do try to eat every 2-3 hours and ive never really been starving... and even if i feel hungry, it will only be for a short while. Its just that now im starting to really analyze what i put into my mouth. For example today, I had a moderate breakfast of one english muffin (130) with butter and a bit of jam. Then for lunch (bout 3 hours later) i had my cucumber and avocado sandwich on 2 wheat slices with about 2 cups of hot cheetoes (500). After class which was about 4 hours since lunch, i was starting to feel really hungry but its too early for dinner (i try to eat no earlier than 6pm) so i was thinking about getting some starbucks (also to stay awake...) BUT i was getting anxious about how many calories it would be.

SO... adding up from breakfast to now, ive eatin 300+500+260 = 1060cal - 440 (workout) = 620cal. Ive had an intake of 620calories so far today after taking out what i burned. I know some people who would say thats nothing... but my mind starts to consider whats for DINNER... which i think is worth about 400cals leaving me with a grand end of the day total of about 1020cals.

Sounds small? Yea... ive been eating like this for like 3 weeks and i think thats why i lost 3lbs last week. I dunno i think im getting really anal about this lol but hey... ill lose weight right?

Then i think... how and what do normal people eat to maintain their weight (with 2000cal/day)? I get a little anxious trying to think of all the foods i woudl have to eat to total 2000cals or close to it...not really a scared anxious but like just over analyzing. Because although i like my diet now and how sparce it is (yet varied... i try to eat lots of fruits, veg, meats, etc), im afraid that if i keep this up forever, ill just keep on losing weight (or at least go past my minimum desired weight).

i dunno, im an overanalysis person :]

ok im gonna finish my starbucks!

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