Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Challenge!

Its almost October 1st! And do you know what that means?


My first real challenge since losing weight :] (I'll post what I had on Myspace... as a update to myself/and whoever reads this...)

Whats the challenge? well... I bought this really cute "Sailor Cutie" Halloween costume (so not scary...) and I can zip it up... but I could afford to lose more weight to look even better in it. So I would like to reach my 1st original goal weight by October 31st which is 128lbs.

Now taking into account that my Monday weigh in earlier this week was 132.6lbs... and that today I was actually able to have the scale say 130.8lbs O_O so... the challenge isn't much of a challenge... but it still sounds fun to me :]

So! The challenge is for me to lose about 5lbs this month (assuming I am still 132lbs atm).

The next challenge that i want to do... involves this whole thing about buying the size jeans you wish to fit in. For me... I feel like the smallest pant size I want to be is a 5/6. Currently I fit into size 8 (Old Navy size... lol which is a little more forgiving. I can't really fit a size 7/8 in American Eagle but then again the last time I tried on their jeans was when I was like 134lbs). I don't really have a desire to be size 3/4... I dunno it seems too foreign to me. So! After this October Challenge, ill probably go out and buy a pair of 5/6 pants and start that challenge. Once I perfectly fit a size 5/6, I'll probably be done losing weight and would just work on toning and maintaining.

Anyways, that's my month plan. OH and I also have a monetary challenge, I'm going to count my calories and my dollars spent :] I'm hoping to restrict my dollar intake to $50 on random goods, and $100 on groceries/items I NEED. So hopefully that goes well... I need to relieve my credit cards of debt >_<.

YAY bye!

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