Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Years Challenge!

SO the October Challenge went 90% alright lol... I did not lose the intended 5lbs but i lost 4lbs (not bad).

I am struggling with securing myself out of the 130s... (like not being 130lbs during the day). For the last few weeks ive been bouncing between 128 and 129lbs... its getting frustrating and it looks and feels worse when i plug it into my weight loss chart, but in the end i just tell myself that my road blocks havent been as bad as other peoples... and ive only really had one or two other "plataeus" like this one (this one just happens to be the longest.. heh).

I havent been eating well (some weeks i barely eat during the weekday... so i assume my metabolism has been shitty) and i keep missing 3 days of working out... (which isnt HORRIBLE but its starting to become a habit...)

I just need to get my ass into gear and stop missing those 3 days! (well i can miss up to 2 days but never 3... ) and get food in my house lol. I should be fine next week... hopefully next week ill be 127 or at least like 128.2 (last weigh in was 128.6 and this weeks weigh in - monday - will probably be 128.8 or something). Im still being hopeful.

BUT now on to the title of this blog entry... THE NEW YEARS CHALLENGE! Yes my ultimate goal weight is to be 118-120 with a 25% body fat ratio (the body fat one is most important tho, i mean if i achieve 25% body fat by like 125lbs, ill be happy - and as long as i feel i look good lol). SO... for the end of this year, by New Years Eve (when i wake up that day), i want to be between 125-120 :]

I would say 120lbs... but with my recent luck with losing weight, i dont want to se the bar too high... so im basically saying i want to lose 5 lbs by the end of the year (month and a half). Hopefully it works out well... OH but even tho i havent lost pounds, since i started my new workout (5-6 days a week of 45-50min interval cardio + 3 days of weights abs, upper body, lower body) ive lost more than a half an inch around my belly :] which is AWESOME. Last week i lost a quarter inch and thats the fastest its ever been i think.

But anyways... so thats the "New" goal :P.

Hopefully this will work out, Im having a little bit of a hard time with Robert... its nothing bad its just we planned to see each other this winter (within dec-jan) but i miscalculated things... and the tickets are too expensive and what not... so that means another 6 months apart but its ok, it just sucks heh. So losing weight helps keep me motivated, distracted, and it always makes me much happier when i see i lose weight :] even just a few ounces! yay the more i lose = the more confident i get around robert = RAWR (nudge nudge ;]). i mean come-on... im gonna entangle him deeper into our future with my "to-be" sexiness! (even tho that means absolutely nothing to him... haha <3 cus he loves me no matter what! - for gods sake... he loved me when i was 157lbs... that was... bad...haha <3)

HW: 157.0lbs
SW: 150.8lbs with 33% body fat
CW: 128.8lbs
UGW: 118-120 with 25-20% body fat combined with happiness :]
Body fat % as of early October: 29%

****Challenge: NEW YEARS CHALLENEGE!****
Lose 5lbs! and maybe an Inch ;]
(which would bring me to be 125-123lbs and hopefully 34in belly from 35.25in)

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