Thursday, October 8, 2009

New October Challenge

So today i visited my schools health center to get my 2nd body composition analysis. The last time i took this test was about 6 months ago... and I did get good results. I lost uh... whatever you call those numbers... but i lost "stuff" on every bit of my body.

HOWEVER.... I did lose 8lbs of Lean weight while losing 10lbs of Fat weight...

It is great that i lost 10lbs of fat but i need to gain back some lean weight.

SO the october challange is going to change... It has to change since the challenge was to lose 5lbs before October 31 and im already 2lbs away from my first goal weight... so now heres the new challenge.

**Workout: Cardio 60 minutes 5-6days a week/Weight Training 20-30 mintues twice a week**
- I will also TRY to not weigh myself as often as I do since im planning on gaining a little bit of muscle weight... but I should lose weight weight as i do so...
-It will help break my mental wall that doing weights will make me gain weight (like instead of being 128 next week, i might be 130). But i did promise myself that once i get close to or at my first goal weight, that i would incorporate more weight training...
-So Id like to gain 5lbs of Lean Muscle, and lose 8lbs of Fat Weight to lead me to be 125lbs total (now this is my ultimate goal, to be between 120-125lbs).
-This will be very nice because even though i have lost 20lbs (since 150, not counting the 157) i do have that problem where i feel flabby and i do feel flabby.
-We're considering that in one month ive only done weight training like twice lol so im aiming to do it 8 times each month.

So this new challenge will be from October (starting today) to beginning of December. Thats about 2 months to hopefully be where i want to be or close to. If i continue to lose 1lb a week AND gain a little of weight... i should i have lost 6-7lbs by December.

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