Saturday, October 3, 2009

YAY! Size 6

No I'm not a size 6... but I was able to fit into a size 6 in Express jeans like... I could button them up lol but they were still really snug. So I bought them! and they are my goal size pants :3 (like I explained before). I'm sure some day I'll fit into some size 3/4 pants... but for now I want size 6 (keeping in mind that the biggest size pants I've worn has been a size 13/14. Crazy huh?)

SO I was uber happy to buy those pants from Express because not only were they a size that almost fit me but they were on sale! Usually their pants are like $59... and I got these for $16! WOO. It's a sign.

Anyways thats what happened so far today... hah. Awesomenessss

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