Thursday, August 23, 2012

Low Carb

Yes. Since July 27th nothing has happened lol. Ive been working and bleh stressed about school. BUT what i did start about 2 weeks ago was a low-carb diet. It all started with Mel getting on that wagon and to be honest i was skeptical. I decided to try it BUT i wasnt going to be as intense as Mel. She decided she wanted to be on a 50g per day carb limit and for me that was too much. I found out that i was eating on average at least 100g per day (and most of the time MORE). I continued to use MyFitnessPal to log my foods but didnt care to look at the caloric intake. I still planned on eating less than 1200 a day btw.

So the first day went by and i realized i ate way fewer calories because i had already met my carb needs (i decided that 70-80g per day was gonna be my goal). I found myself trying to make up for the few calories by eating no carb foods like eggs and cheeses. Mel was having an easier time eating enough calories (shes not counting them anyway) because she enjoys eating nuts and other stuff but eh not me... im also lazy and cheap lol.

this is the chart May found and i was excited to see that i was in the "sweet spot" for weight loss!

So after a week or so (I wasnt really counting the days), i decided to weigh myself. Note that before this weigh in, I was 145.6 or something. A week later i found myself at 144.6! I had effortlessly lost a lb! I didnt work out at all! I guess maybe work might play a role in it but work to me feels the same as school (i miss some meals, and i walk around lol). So i thought that maybe it was a fluke or something. I continued to monitor my carb intake for another week i think...

Today i weighed myself again. I just wanted to see where i was at after approximately 2 weeks of lower carb intake... i was 141.8. I couldnt believe it. I weighed myself several times and even picked up the scale and shook it just to make sure there was no error in the reading. But no i was definately 141.8! that means in about 2 weeks i lost 4lbs! DOING NOTHING! I could barely lose that much doing P90X! I was still in shock so then i measured myself.

At 145.8 my tummy was probably 39" or so and 2 weeks of low carb got me to 38.75. Not a big deal really but thats how big my tummy was at 141 after P90x. Then i measured my waist. I had gone from 32.5" to 31.75 O_O.... FUCK IT DELETED ALL OF WHAT I SAID HERE... Ugh i also measured my thighs and went from 24" to 23.25".... total loss of like 2.25"... blah awesome..

ok that just pisses me off. I had hella shit down here but somehow it got removed after i did a preview... bleh whatever.

Anyways, I will still try to do P90X but probably only next spring since i dont have the tools to complete it in sacramento. I will most likely do some videos like Plyos on the days i miss the gym.

Ill keep posting