Monday, April 30, 2012

-0.4lbs wha?

Lol so since about a week or two ago, my exercise regiment has not been going too well. I had all my midterms over the two weeks and I studying my ass off.

BUT apparently after not losing weight the week before, I stepped on the scale expecting to see some damage, but I had lost 0.4lbs. Which was probably from both weeks. I tried to eat around my calorie limit since I wasnt working out as well...

SO theres only 2 more weeks of school left... and after that, the TRUE weight loss will begin. I have summer to get under 125lbs (-20lbs in about 15 weeks. I want to at least be under 130 so -15 would work too.)

This week I am planning on working out 4x since I have the time... hopefully will be 142.9 by friday.

Ive lowered my calorie limit to 1100 and i wanna see how that goes... :)

Goal next Friday: 142.9 (-0.5lbs)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wk 2 Progress- little but its there

This week stats: -0.6lbs = 143.8lbs

Its not GREAT. but its not + lol. so im happy. there were a few days where i ate more than i needed to... like uh wednesday sucked because wednesday is mine and Pats donut day and typically get a bag of donut holes (630cal or something). So that was my treat... and so i planned the rest of the day to be healthy. Well, someone at Pats work came out with a cupcake and i got all excited but i was thinking that i wouldnt be able to get one so i was just excited because i saw it. Then pat got me one... i ate it... it was OKAY... and realized i had 2 fatty sugary sweets that day. BLEH. So.... yea that day sucked.

Something else that has been bothering me is the compulsive action to count every fruit i put in my smoothie. I know i really shouldnt since its very healthy but there are sugars in the fruit... my smoothie comes out to be like 3oo but its mostly the soy protein powder and the banana. but im nitpicking all my fruit now... which i dont like but calories are calories right?

Other than that... in terms of working out ive been doing awesome! No laziness, just extreme drive to look good :)

ALSO yea i only lost 0.6lbs but i feel and LOOK different... at least i think so lol. i didnt lose any inches but i do feel my tummy is a little tighter (ive been doing more planks than i ever have in a year). also my legs are much more muscular! And last nite i was able to jog (5.0spd) on the treadmill for 25min! i havent been able to do that since i was actually 130-125ish.

So right now im trying to find a weight loss challenge that will last about a month... or two. im still doing my own 6 week challenge (i just decided on 6 weeks because thats what jillian michaels does in that one show :) ) but i want a longer challenge with other people + videos.

- ive been incorporating ALOT of interval/circuit training because it keeps me from getting bored with cardio and time goes by MUCH faster. BUT what i was doing was doing probably 30min actual cardio/jogging/elliptical and maybe 20-30 of various weight/bodyweight training. dont get me wrong, the circuits keep my heart rate up and me sweating but i think i need more "actual" cardio. maybe ill lose more?

So - 45min at least of any cardio (walking/jogging/elliptical/moonwalker) PLUS circuit training on most days. If i can, i probably will end up doing a whole hour of cardio.... at least on tues and wednesday. I will still have one day of rest (which was today) and one day of pilates/stretching workout which is kind of another resting day. but im gonna kick ASS this week.

Sat - Gym 60min elliptical/jogging + pilates at night
Sun - jog/walk 45 + circuit (sarahs circuit - jog 10, various exercises, repeat 3x, walk at end)
Mon - Gym 60min elliptical/jogging
Tues - Gym 60min elliptical/jogging/walking + circuit (30min -my own)
Wednes - same as Tues
Thurs - jog/walk 45 + circuit (any circuit just make sure i end with 45min cardio)

that means 4 days of 45+min cardio plus circuit training, and 2 days of just plain cardio. Im probably gonna try for a whole 60min of cardio all 6 days. it doesnt have to be 60min of just jogging, it just needs to be me moving (walking fast is fine). You know what no, im gnona make it all 60min and see what the results are next friday.

S - Gym 60min elliptical/jogging + pilates at night
Su - Jog/walk 60 + circuit (sarahs circuit - jog 10, various exercises, repeat 3x, walk at end)
M - Gym 60min elliptical/jogging
T - Gym 60min elliptical/jogging/walking + circuit (30min -my own)
W - Same as Tues
R - Jog/walk 60 + circuit (any circuit just make sure i end with 60min cardio)

i want to have a deficit of 400-500 calories. My BMR = 1400ish so if i eat 1300, thats only a 100 difference. probably with the exercise regiment above, i should burn between 500-600 so... total burned = BMR + exercise =1900-2000 burned - 1300 food = 600-700 deficit. Every now and then ill be okay with eating 1400-1500 but i wanna see what happens this week if i do it that way. I might adjust this plan if i find i burn more than i thought.

I always think 'wow i dont have time to work out for 90min?! i have too much to do! when i actually spend that much time (if not more) doing useless shit. so here we go week 3
Weight loss goal for Friday 4/20: 142 and *MAYBE 141 ;))

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Stats: -1.2 = 144.4

Its been one week (well it was on friday) and i have lost -1.2lbs :)

not bad! considering i started on a sunday and only worked out maybe 3-4x. I did mostly interval training with Patricia and elliptical cardio. im incorporating a newer interval set - run 10min, do like 5min various intervals and repeating 3x. its from the sarahfitchannel and i really enjoy it! i realized that most of those work out DVDS use interval training or circuit training incorporating weights... so why not just do it on my own, with my own exercises, and at my own pace. its nice to just make them up on the spot because theres no monotony and my muscles are always anticipating smoething new!

also! green smoothies!

omg my appetite for most foods have gone down. i mean i still wanna eat bad things but i get full so fast. mostly when i eat solid foods like meat. but i LOVE my green smoothies. SO far my favorite has half a banana, 2c RAW kale, 1c spinach and like a handful of frozen strawberries. no juice, no sugar, just water and ice. so good. Also. i only like UNFLAVORED protein powders lol. i made one with vanilla and it was.... not that great. lol i coudnt taste any fruit.

but anyways the goal of next week (fridays are my weigh-ins) will be 143lbs. that means at LEAST -.5lbs. I will be working out everyday starting from today so thats (well starting from saturday - i didnt do cardio saturday but i did do pilates) 5 days of cardio till friday. im hoping to lose 1.2lbs again. if i do... maybe i can get a snack on friday with my mom ^_^