Thursday, October 15, 2009

Battle of the Cardio-monster!

Today i am REALLY stressed and annoyed at the concept of cardio... well when i really sit down and think about it like i have before... i did have results when i only worked out for 30-60min (cardio) for 3-4 days. I remember that happening... but now its like people are telling me i shouldnt work out the way i do if i want to lose weight. What ive been planning was 5-6 days a week of 45-60 (usually 60) min of cardio (running/walking/elliptical) and i also do weight training now twice a week... (yess i still feel sore so i guses im doing something right).

Recently thought i have been feeling a bit more anxious about my weight loss because i feel like i havent lost weight this week... I say 'feel' because i dont have access to my scale (i dont agree with those scales at the gym or anything that isnt digital)... and this measuring tape i have at the house im in now, says i gained half an inch... so im pretty annoyed. AND NOW i want to go run after school but my trainer and everyone else in the world says i shold only do 4-5 days of cardio (and not even a hours worth either!)... so now im like.. what am i supposed to do? i love running!!! -_-

So i guess what im gonna do is... go home... and not do long-intense cardio... but those short 8 minute bursts of cardio on the 2 days i shouldnt be doing full on cardio...

SO for this week... by monday, i would have done... 5 days of intense-long cardio (45-60) - mon/wedns/fri/sat/sun paired with 2 days of strength training (wedns, sat). Even though my trainer wants me to do 5 days/30min or 4 days/45min... im gonna try my way first. That means im gonna have TWO days of rest... usually i only allowed myself 1 day of full rest. BUT like today... i was planning on doing my normal cardio but instead im gonna do short cardio bursts for 8 min (im gonna do abs/dips/lunges/just random shit to get heart rate up for short periods of time.)

Hopefully this works... and another annoying thing is that i admit that ive been eating ALOT of cheetoes... i think im going thru 3 full bags a month now because i LOVEEE my avocado and cucumber sandwich... but i need cheetoes with it lol... i mean i do "burn" off those calories... but i dunno im worried i gained weight this week because of it... So for mondays weight in... if i gain weight or dont see a change, im gonna have to stop eating cheetoes so often :/ which kinda ruins my sandwich... -_- what am i gonna eat now! oh well we'll see... considering i havent hit that many bumps along this weight loss journey, i dont feel too bad if this week is a fuck up again.

Wish me luck! gawdddd

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