Thursday, September 27, 2012

Melting :)

I know id probably lose more weight faster if i worked out while watching my carb intake... but its ok for now!

So update! absolutely ZERO working out... and i am currently down to 138.6lbs :3 not bad! i am happy! today i just put on Patricias size 6 holister pants. obviously they were unwearable up top (muffins!) but i was ABLE to put them on :))) also Niks babysitter asked me if i lost weight! i am pleased :)

So ill keep going... not sure if tomorrow/sat weigh in will be any good (midterms this week and i completely binged on carbs... i mean i still tried to monitor my intake but im sure - like today - i ate way over 100g.) ill be happy to be under 139 but i bet tomorrow ill be somehwere above 139. but its ok, next week will be better :)) i worked hard for my exams this week and so far i got one B+ and hopefully another B+ or an A!

ill keep you posted :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Low Carb

Yes. Since July 27th nothing has happened lol. Ive been working and bleh stressed about school. BUT what i did start about 2 weeks ago was a low-carb diet. It all started with Mel getting on that wagon and to be honest i was skeptical. I decided to try it BUT i wasnt going to be as intense as Mel. She decided she wanted to be on a 50g per day carb limit and for me that was too much. I found out that i was eating on average at least 100g per day (and most of the time MORE). I continued to use MyFitnessPal to log my foods but didnt care to look at the caloric intake. I still planned on eating less than 1200 a day btw.

So the first day went by and i realized i ate way fewer calories because i had already met my carb needs (i decided that 70-80g per day was gonna be my goal). I found myself trying to make up for the few calories by eating no carb foods like eggs and cheeses. Mel was having an easier time eating enough calories (shes not counting them anyway) because she enjoys eating nuts and other stuff but eh not me... im also lazy and cheap lol.

this is the chart May found and i was excited to see that i was in the "sweet spot" for weight loss!

So after a week or so (I wasnt really counting the days), i decided to weigh myself. Note that before this weigh in, I was 145.6 or something. A week later i found myself at 144.6! I had effortlessly lost a lb! I didnt work out at all! I guess maybe work might play a role in it but work to me feels the same as school (i miss some meals, and i walk around lol). So i thought that maybe it was a fluke or something. I continued to monitor my carb intake for another week i think...

Today i weighed myself again. I just wanted to see where i was at after approximately 2 weeks of lower carb intake... i was 141.8. I couldnt believe it. I weighed myself several times and even picked up the scale and shook it just to make sure there was no error in the reading. But no i was definately 141.8! that means in about 2 weeks i lost 4lbs! DOING NOTHING! I could barely lose that much doing P90X! I was still in shock so then i measured myself.

At 145.8 my tummy was probably 39" or so and 2 weeks of low carb got me to 38.75. Not a big deal really but thats how big my tummy was at 141 after P90x. Then i measured my waist. I had gone from 32.5" to 31.75 O_O.... FUCK IT DELETED ALL OF WHAT I SAID HERE... Ugh i also measured my thighs and went from 24" to 23.25".... total loss of like 2.25"... blah awesome..

ok that just pisses me off. I had hella shit down here but somehow it got removed after i did a preview... bleh whatever.

Anyways, I will still try to do P90X but probably only next spring since i dont have the tools to complete it in sacramento. I will most likely do some videos like Plyos on the days i miss the gym.

Ill keep posting

Friday, July 27, 2012


So i didnt gain too much weight! despite all of the sweets i have been eating in the last like 3 weeks lol. last weigh in i was 144.0lbs i think and today i weighed in at 145.6lbs. so i gained almost 2 lbs... but i dont think thats that bad considering that was due to poor eating AND no exercise. i expected to have gained more. but that ends now! (hah..)

before school starts i want to be 139.5-9lbs. thats about -5lbs and i can do it! heh. tomorrow i will start working out again because tonite i really need to get working on my applications... id like them to be as done as possible by aug 1.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Failure to the max...

So as you can see i havent blogged in forever... (A MONTH). I feel so shitty that i burned out of P90X in TWO WEEKS... im starting completely over monday (gonna work out before then tho but officially restarting p90 on monday ... restarting at phase 1). I am very disappointed in myself but thats how it usually goes... i get going on something then i miss a day or two then before i know it im completely off the horse... -_-

this time around is a test for me to get through this. my plan is to still get under 140 before school starts (tomorrow ill weigh in and hopefully i wont have gained too much...) and then go from there. by the end of the year id like to be -20lbs lighter AT LEAST. that means ... lets say 145-20 = 125. not bad.   but i almost might start doing vlogs so i can see face changes but ill probably only do that every two weeks or something.

anyways. i will start TONITE... well i need adam to turn the treadmill and lower it but yes i want to start soon.. (if not tonite :P but i do have work i need to do.... )

Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 2

Wooo. Week 2 is technically finished! So ill just give a quick update... no real loss in terms of inches although I think I might have lost a little? 1/4 in? Haha BUT I DID LOSE 1lb lol... doesn't seem like much but that's not bad after a 1.8 last week. normally (non-p90x), I would be lucky to lose 0.3-0.5 after a -1.8lbs but 1lb is not bad :) that means in 2 weeks i almost lost 3lbs which is great! I feel much stronger too. Ab ripper is getting a little easier each time I do it!

Also, what may have contributed to my lower weight loss this week might have been the slightly poor eating habits (LOTS OF SNACKING -_- like ice creams... DONUTS - no more!) and I didnt do as many extra workouts as I did the first week. I think the first week I walked/jogged at least 3 times with Mel outside... and this week maybe only once.

Anyways things are still great! I haven't missed a day but hopefully the boyfriend wont be scolding me for working out late tonite since hes not even home from work and I havent worked out AT ALL today... (TOMORROW IS WORK DAYY). So I still need to get my "legs and back + abs" in tonite... heh oops.

Summary of Week 2:
-1lb (-2.8lbs total)

Lose 1lb at least. and maybe get to 38in tummy? :P but id like to be 143-142 (142 would be AMAZING).

Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 1

Hello!!! Week 1 of P90X just ended yesterday :) yesterdays "rest/stretch" day was well deserved and felt SOO good. Results of first week? Pretty freakin good if i say so. Although im not sure how much of it was real... because i was eating so bad and not working out before p90x that i think i might have just lost water weight or soemthing...

146.8 to 145.0 = -1.8lbs
40in belly to 39in = -1in
34 to 32.5in waist = -1.5in

everything else stayed the same (thighs, arms)

but i LOVE p90x so far! Plyos is KILLER... but i LOVE it. My second favorite seems to be kenpo :) i thought it would be stupid but it feels good to punch haha. great for stress <3. And yoga wasnt too bad! i still dislike it... but that shit gets you sweating and panting like cardio does. also my back feels amazing! esp since  ive done like a bagillion "pull ups". i feel a new muscle between my shoulder blades :)

Anyways... here goes week 2! Lets see what happens :)

oh and ive been drinking shakes after each work out with flax seed and protein powder and i also sometimes jog/walk in the morning for like half an hour. no other real differences in diet... keeping 1000kcal.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 weeks

10 weeks is what...70 days? lets try something....

starting today till the friday before school starts... i will weigh in every friday. i  am going to eat 1200cal max and work out twice a day for at least an hour total. BUT the trick here is i am going to try... P90X :)

Mel has been enjoying a morning run with Niko and Kiba (fostering a dog) and its about 35min... so that will be happening every morning or at least most mornings. the days it doesnt happen, ill walk/run on treadmill.

so ill at least get done with 2 phases before school starts. thats a good time to see results... hopefully ill lose enough :) its only 10 weeks so i hope ot lose 10lbs at least.

SO shake every morning (THATS IT). NO snacking (unless unplanned but ill still try to avoid it) - well healthy snacking is good. i will be probably using the "free" foods from the spark people diet mel and i are trying to master. free foods like fruits, veggies, corn, sweet potato, etc.

note that many of these P90 videos are already an hour so hour + morning jog is 90min workout a day. perfect. so lets try it :) i will take my first photos and weigh ins tomorrow (but my weigh ins will be fridays) and we will go from there. day one photo ---> day 30 photo ---> day 90 photo.

ive never done this so i may look different by the end compared to when i just did cardio and separate weights. this is like all circuit training. from what ive seen online, i expect to LOOK different and have the scale some what effected. some people look so much different in 30 days but have only lost like 5lbs or something. well see! ive always wanted to complete one of these programs.. like i wanna do insanity eventually and i have p90 so i might as well try it :) so many success stories... LETS DO IT