Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 2

Wooo. Week 2 is technically finished! So ill just give a quick update... no real loss in terms of inches although I think I might have lost a little? 1/4 in? Haha BUT I DID LOSE 1lb lol... doesn't seem like much but that's not bad after a 1.8 last week. normally (non-p90x), I would be lucky to lose 0.3-0.5 after a -1.8lbs but 1lb is not bad :) that means in 2 weeks i almost lost 3lbs which is great! I feel much stronger too. Ab ripper is getting a little easier each time I do it!

Also, what may have contributed to my lower weight loss this week might have been the slightly poor eating habits (LOTS OF SNACKING -_- like ice creams... DONUTS - no more!) and I didnt do as many extra workouts as I did the first week. I think the first week I walked/jogged at least 3 times with Mel outside... and this week maybe only once.

Anyways things are still great! I haven't missed a day but hopefully the boyfriend wont be scolding me for working out late tonite since hes not even home from work and I havent worked out AT ALL today... (TOMORROW IS WORK DAYY). So I still need to get my "legs and back + abs" in tonite... heh oops.

Summary of Week 2:
-1lb (-2.8lbs total)

Lose 1lb at least. and maybe get to 38in tummy? :P but id like to be 143-142 (142 would be AMAZING).

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