Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 1

Hello!!! Week 1 of P90X just ended yesterday :) yesterdays "rest/stretch" day was well deserved and felt SOO good. Results of first week? Pretty freakin good if i say so. Although im not sure how much of it was real... because i was eating so bad and not working out before p90x that i think i might have just lost water weight or soemthing...

146.8 to 145.0 = -1.8lbs
40in belly to 39in = -1in
34 to 32.5in waist = -1.5in

everything else stayed the same (thighs, arms)

but i LOVE p90x so far! Plyos is KILLER... but i LOVE it. My second favorite seems to be kenpo :) i thought it would be stupid but it feels good to punch haha. great for stress <3. And yoga wasnt too bad! i still dislike it... but that shit gets you sweating and panting like cardio does. also my back feels amazing! esp since  ive done like a bagillion "pull ups". i feel a new muscle between my shoulder blades :)

Anyways... here goes week 2! Lets see what happens :)

oh and ive been drinking shakes after each work out with flax seed and protein powder and i also sometimes jog/walk in the morning for like half an hour. no other real differences in diet... keeping 1000kcal.

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