Thursday, July 26, 2012

Failure to the max...

So as you can see i havent blogged in forever... (A MONTH). I feel so shitty that i burned out of P90X in TWO WEEKS... im starting completely over monday (gonna work out before then tho but officially restarting p90 on monday ... restarting at phase 1). I am very disappointed in myself but thats how it usually goes... i get going on something then i miss a day or two then before i know it im completely off the horse... -_-

this time around is a test for me to get through this. my plan is to still get under 140 before school starts (tomorrow ill weigh in and hopefully i wont have gained too much...) and then go from there. by the end of the year id like to be -20lbs lighter AT LEAST. that means ... lets say 145-20 = 125. not bad.   but i almost might start doing vlogs so i can see face changes but ill probably only do that every two weeks or something.

anyways. i will start TONITE... well i need adam to turn the treadmill and lower it but yes i want to start soon.. (if not tonite :P but i do have work i need to do.... )

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