Thursday, September 27, 2012

Melting :)

I know id probably lose more weight faster if i worked out while watching my carb intake... but its ok for now!

So update! absolutely ZERO working out... and i am currently down to 138.6lbs :3 not bad! i am happy! today i just put on Patricias size 6 holister pants. obviously they were unwearable up top (muffins!) but i was ABLE to put them on :))) also Niks babysitter asked me if i lost weight! i am pleased :)

So ill keep going... not sure if tomorrow/sat weigh in will be any good (midterms this week and i completely binged on carbs... i mean i still tried to monitor my intake but im sure - like today - i ate way over 100g.) ill be happy to be under 139 but i bet tomorrow ill be somehwere above 139. but its ok, next week will be better :)) i worked hard for my exams this week and so far i got one B+ and hopefully another B+ or an A!

ill keep you posted :)

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