Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 weeks

10 weeks is what...70 days? lets try something....

starting today till the friday before school starts... i will weigh in every friday. i  am going to eat 1200cal max and work out twice a day for at least an hour total. BUT the trick here is i am going to try... P90X :)

Mel has been enjoying a morning run with Niko and Kiba (fostering a dog) and its about 35min... so that will be happening every morning or at least most mornings. the days it doesnt happen, ill walk/run on treadmill.

so ill at least get done with 2 phases before school starts. thats a good time to see results... hopefully ill lose enough :) its only 10 weeks so i hope ot lose 10lbs at least.

SO shake every morning (THATS IT). NO snacking (unless unplanned but ill still try to avoid it) - well healthy snacking is good. i will be probably using the "free" foods from the spark people diet mel and i are trying to master. free foods like fruits, veggies, corn, sweet potato, etc.

note that many of these P90 videos are already an hour so hour + morning jog is 90min workout a day. perfect. so lets try it :) i will take my first photos and weigh ins tomorrow (but my weigh ins will be fridays) and we will go from there. day one photo ---> day 30 photo ---> day 90 photo.

ive never done this so i may look different by the end compared to when i just did cardio and separate weights. this is like all circuit training. from what ive seen online, i expect to LOOK different and have the scale some what effected. some people look so much different in 30 days but have only lost like 5lbs or something. well see! ive always wanted to complete one of these programs.. like i wanna do insanity eventually and i have p90 so i might as well try it :) so many success stories... LETS DO IT

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