Monday, April 30, 2012

-0.4lbs wha?

Lol so since about a week or two ago, my exercise regiment has not been going too well. I had all my midterms over the two weeks and I studying my ass off.

BUT apparently after not losing weight the week before, I stepped on the scale expecting to see some damage, but I had lost 0.4lbs. Which was probably from both weeks. I tried to eat around my calorie limit since I wasnt working out as well...

SO theres only 2 more weeks of school left... and after that, the TRUE weight loss will begin. I have summer to get under 125lbs (-20lbs in about 15 weeks. I want to at least be under 130 so -15 would work too.)

This week I am planning on working out 4x since I have the time... hopefully will be 142.9 by friday.

Ive lowered my calorie limit to 1100 and i wanna see how that goes... :)

Goal next Friday: 142.9 (-0.5lbs)

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