Sunday, April 8, 2012


Stats: -1.2 = 144.4

Its been one week (well it was on friday) and i have lost -1.2lbs :)

not bad! considering i started on a sunday and only worked out maybe 3-4x. I did mostly interval training with Patricia and elliptical cardio. im incorporating a newer interval set - run 10min, do like 5min various intervals and repeating 3x. its from the sarahfitchannel and i really enjoy it! i realized that most of those work out DVDS use interval training or circuit training incorporating weights... so why not just do it on my own, with my own exercises, and at my own pace. its nice to just make them up on the spot because theres no monotony and my muscles are always anticipating smoething new!

also! green smoothies!

omg my appetite for most foods have gone down. i mean i still wanna eat bad things but i get full so fast. mostly when i eat solid foods like meat. but i LOVE my green smoothies. SO far my favorite has half a banana, 2c RAW kale, 1c spinach and like a handful of frozen strawberries. no juice, no sugar, just water and ice. so good. Also. i only like UNFLAVORED protein powders lol. i made one with vanilla and it was.... not that great. lol i coudnt taste any fruit.

but anyways the goal of next week (fridays are my weigh-ins) will be 143lbs. that means at LEAST -.5lbs. I will be working out everyday starting from today so thats (well starting from saturday - i didnt do cardio saturday but i did do pilates) 5 days of cardio till friday. im hoping to lose 1.2lbs again. if i do... maybe i can get a snack on friday with my mom ^_^

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