Friday, March 30, 2012

Back to the start - sort of

Hello me!!!

I forgot I had this blog and well its the right time to start up again... blogging about my horrible weight loss. So to get things up to date... its been 2 years since I initially started losing weight, and back then I was 129lbs average... I am unfortunately back up to probably 147lbs or so. I guess I feel.... happy (?) that it took me 2 years to gain back almost 20 lbs but makes me very said too.

Im pretty sure it all happened once Robert came back from NJ. I fell back into old habits and I lost motivation as each pound was gained back. I kept telling myself 'oh its only one more pound, ill lose it tomorrow' (which obviously never happened). I bounced around 130-135 for a while but it was Fall 2012 till now that I got back up to the 140s... I feel so lost and FAT that its almost unbearable. I only fit into 2 pairs of pants comfortably and everything else I own is a size 7 to 6 (my lowest weight). So... I am a fatty.

Good thing is I am very motivated now to try to get back to where I was very soon. Well not soon... lets see, I have 16 weeks till my birthday... so my goal is to lose 15lbs before then (bringing me to 130s). I read my old blogs so Im going to try to get back on the calorie watching diet PLUS some new stuff.

11 day change starter:
Starting from today I will be working out 5 days/wk for 45-60min. My earlier blog said that my old trainer suggested I just work out 4 days/wk for 60min OR better would be 5 days/wk for 45min. It might be that I might just do the 45min first and see if that is good for me... since 60min is soooooo torturous. Then on the other 2 days, ill do some sort of weight training (either a 20min video that incorporates weights and cardio/gym weights and machines/intervals where I incorporate weights) for like 20-30min.

In terms of caloric intake, I will be keeping it under 1200-1400cal not counting calories burned. And the new part of this diet will be the incorporation of green smoothie meal replacements. I am not looking to do a complete green smoothie diet (which usually means you ONLY DRINK the smoothies... for a given amount of time) but rather I am just trying to get more dark greens and fruits into my system. I already started drinking the smoothies and I am pretty sure it is working for me because ive been experiencing very uncomfortable stomach issues since the beginning. My body is obviously not used to the amount of spinach ive been eating :P So I will be drinking 1-2 smoothies daily (daily so that its NOT a diet, its just im learning to incorporate it in my daily life - plus its super delicious and refreshing): once in the morning and the other either as a snack or replacing another meal. IF i decide to replace it with another meal, i will try to make it caloric and nutritionally fit (i will be adding multivitamins and other fruits).

I will also be weighing in on Mondays... well we will see this coming monday. Im hoping to lose weight or at least be lighter than i last checked... (i think i was 146 ;/)

- 5 day/wk - 45-60min cardio
- 2 day/wk - 15-30min weight training/interval weights/dvd
- keep caloric intake under 1200-1400 before exercise calories
- drink 1-2 green smoothies a day, 1 as breakfast and the other as snacks or lunch/dinner meal replacement (i will always eat at least one whole meal that will generally be free of bad foods haha)

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